Franchising Terms and Conditions

  • The store should be on a street of the city or district or in a shopping mall where trade potential is high. Store dimensions should be in compliance with its location.
  • Interior decoration must be the same in all InCity stores. Our company assists its franchisees with detailed information about decoration. Also all kinds of supports like staff procurement, shop window design and store
    arrangements are provided by our company.
  • Bank letter of guarantee is requested upon forward purchases. Special franchisee discounts are applied upon cash purchases.
  • Extra advantages as special product change and return right, also season-end sales are offered to Franchisees.
  • All franchisees are required to have the same products and concept in proportion to m². Without noticing the head office and providing a special deal buying from brands other than InCity is prohibited. Upon head office confirmed external purchases special discount means gathered from the contracted companies
    shall be reflected to franchisees.
  • If franchisee buys the computer software our company uses then all information transmission and uploads shall be carried out by head office.
  • Franchisees shall be automatically benefited from special agreements made with banks and campaigns.
  • Upon fulfilling above franchising conditions our company places franchisee’s name in the visual advertisements it publishes.

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